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Melbourne band's 1987 mini-album Rock Is Hell and For Lovers Only (1989) together for the first time on full waxy goodness, and will be available from Friday18th May at all good record shacks (via Z-Man Records/Fuse Distribution). GOD was a giant exploding quagmire of a calamity of a band, but they had their bad days as well. At their best, which was neither live nor in the studio – maybe it was during band meetings – GOD sounded like a ten train smash-up in Tin Railroad Town, which was hilarious, because they were trying to encapsulate stadium rock at least half of the time and the "monster riffs" – and they had those, and some sneakily grabby songs as well – often sounded like a kids' playgroup had broken into the bottle recycling bin combined with that siren song of crap amps buzzing and wheezing you sometimes hear just before they blow up.

You just looked at those guys, and even listened to them, and you just knew right away they were the coolest thing going – a buncha hairy brat kids doing KISS meets punk, heads down and blasting away like a mining company that's just been given the green light on a few hectares of unexploited desert. Tim Hemensley, Joel Silbersher, Sean Greenway, Matty Whittle – in the annals of rock history, these are names that will never mean anything to anybody, no matter how good they were in GOD or how much great stuff they recorded separately after they broke up.

The annals of rock history are fucking stupid, that's why. Thanks to my telcom company sending me a magazine subscription I never wanted instead of cutting their prices down to something a human being might be able to afford, I just got a copy of Rolling Stone today. It eulogises all those great artists whose albums you supposedly rilly need to hear this year, dude. From the front cover photo of 2007's leading fat rock chick Jack White, through to the rock'n'revolutionary mobile phone ad on the back, there's not one single human gazebo in there who, in the broader artistic scheme of things, deserves to scratch the crust off GOD's underpants.

There's only one album rock lovers need this year. That's GOD. Same as last year, only now it's on vinyl. Like Radar from "M.A.S.H." once said, "Put a new fang in your tone-arm cobra", and blast it today.

-Leaping Larry L


Noah Taylor & The Sloppy Boys
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Having an utterly insatiable appetite for music from a very early age, and performing in various bands over the past few decades, Australian actor & visual artist Noah Taylor has teamed up with his musical pals Ed Clayton- Jones (The Wreckery) and Cec Condon (The Mess Hall) forming Noah Taylor & The Sloppy Boys to record six songs which snap like frenetic disconnected live wires. Combining a marriage of raw rock and roll with gritty punk tinges, hypnotic guitar, swampy drums, and deliciously crude humorous lyrics comes their debut CD Live Free Or Die!!! , due for release on 19th November, 2011 on Z-Man Records.

Recorded in a remarkable twenty four hours in Sydney in 2010 in an old-school ethics vein of the likes of Sun record label etc Live Free Or Die!!! came about under sheer serendipity when a recording studio owned by a friend suddenly became available when a band dropped out whilst Noah, who for the past decade has lived in England, was visiting Australia. This suited Noah’s no nonsense approach to the way he likes to record : he’s not a fan of over-production. The result is pretty special considering the band had never played together before and exhibits a real synchronicity amongst the members. All six tracks were penned by Noah over a one week period prior to recording, and Live Free Or Die!!! deals with falling in and out of love. Holiday Sidewinder (Bridezilla), who is Noah’s god-daughter, guest vocals on the track Scary and she provides an enchantingly formidable and haunting tone.

Noah Taylor & The Sloppy Boys will be touring Australia during December in various venues including an appearance at Homebake Festival in Sydney (3rd December), support slots for Grinderman in both Sydney (1st December) and Adelaide (8th December) as well as their own headline gigs in Melbourne and Sydney. Noah Taylor & The Sloppy Boys Live Free Or Die!!! will be available from 19th November at all good


Noah Taylor & The Sloppy Boys
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sleepwalks are a Brisbane rock band who happily wear their musical influences on their sleeves. Clearly they have grown up on a steady diet of 70s punk, 80s indie rock and 90s slackersludge bands (think Mission Of Burma, Dinosaur Jr and Nirvana), but undeniably the standout feature is their leanings towards legendary US band The Replacements. Their secret weapon though is they glean from the past and make it relevant to today. sleepwalks are more than the sum of their influences.

Their accomplished playing is evident in their debut eleven track album The Milk Has Gone Sour, and some of that can be credited to the personnel behind the album. sleepwalks recorded with the legendary Steve Albini in the USA in October 2010 (Albini has played with Shellac, Big Black and Rapeman, as well as producing albums for Nirvana, Stooges, The Pixies, Cheap Trick, PJ Harvey, Dirty Three to name a few), as well as Albini’s Shellac bandmate Bob Weston (who has worked with the likes of Nirvana, Sebadoh, Arches Of Loaf, Mission Of Burma etc) who mastered the album. sleepwalks occupies the time of David Hansford (bass), Kevin Fincham (vocals && guitar) and Damian Masters (drums). Loud, raspy, greasy-haired vocals, distorted basslines and sludgey drums all packaged up in heavy-laden pop-fuzz, is the band’s trademark.

sleepwalks The Milk Has Gone Sour CD will be available from April 15 at all good record shacks (via Z-Man Records/Fuse Distribution) and CD Baby, iTunes etc.


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In the blistering heat of summer 2009 Melbourne three piece Parading took to Birdland studios to record one song for an A-side of a 7”. Agreeing with the environment created there and the sounds they were producing they decided to lay down what has now become their debut self titled album. The album is due for release on 5th March, 2010 via Z-Man Records (Fuse Distribution).

Parading are Tom Barry on guitar/vocals (Witch Hats), Mark Nelson on bass (The Stabs/ Miniature Submarines); and Tom Coleman (drums). Recorded and mixed over four sessions with the help of Rob Long, the end product shimmers with layers of guitar, melodic bass lines, spacious drum parts and dreamlike vocals spread sparingly as icing on the cake.

Parading self-titled CD will be available from March 5 at all good record shacks (via Z-Man Records/Fuse Distribution) and CD Baby, iTunes etc.


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“Amazingly perfect night’s-end jam that basically slow cooks your brain with ultimate slacker slowcore vibrations. It’s something about the steady progression through the chords, the meandering bass, the gradual climax and release that’s just so relaxing: put it on and feel your heart rate slow and your brain let go of the day.....you can almost feel the summer radiating out of your speakers.”

- Rose Quartz website



Hailing from Geelong and originally New Zealand, Bonniwells play garage songs about religion, bad health, solidarity and girls. They combine a marriage of drums, guitar & bass and occasionally a second guitar. Sneeze Weed has been recorded sporadically and spontaneously in a variety of living rooms across two states of this barren continent. Bonniwells have churned out eleven tracks of garage punk, slop hop and sonic explosions in the form of their upcoming release Sneeze Weed. The album is due for release on Friday 22nd June 2012 via Z-Man Records.

'Sneeze weed' is a common weed with pretty, lazy looking, daisy-like flowers. The common name is based on the former use of its dried leaves in making snuff, inhaled to cause sneezing that would supposedly rid the body of evil spirits.

Sneeze Weed is the follow up album from their critically acclaimed 2010 debut release Unprofitable Servant. The band who are influenced by punk from the 50's, 60's, 70's & 80's as well as the long reaching, sinister arm of the delta blues, describe themselves as 'Distinctions between the alienating of otherness. The other of man, the other of the west, a euphoric narcissistic account of yourself and your kind naive whining about your condition......'.

Bonniwells consist of Marck Dean (vocals/guitar), John Waddell (bass) and Zak Olsen (vocals/drums), Bonniwells Sneeze Weed will be available from Friday 22nd June at all good record stores (via Z-Man Records/Fuse Distribution) and CD Baby, iTunes etc.

"If you could get The Stooges, The Cramps, Modern Lovers, Johnny Lydon and The Sonics to have a sleepover in your nan's garage, this would be it...until the neighbours called the cops"
Shane Bell, Melbourne Leader

"A raw, dripping slab of '60s garage/psych rock, a cacoph- ony of fuzzing, jangling guitars and pounding drums, straight out of the summer of love but rubbed face down in the dirt of the punk movement and warped for today's vicious times."
Sam Fell, Inpress

"Anchored in the '60s but sounding like the band dreamt it last week, this is fearsomely good....This is what The Sonics would have sounded like if they took acid." The Barman i94Bar Website

For more information go to :
facebook | Bandcamp


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Channeling the punk ethic of yesteryear and combining a marriage of super-cool garage, hyperactive surf guitar, gymnastic mod out-takes, swampy badass, and garage explosions comes the debut CD Unprofitable Servant by Melbourne trio The Bonniwells, due for release in late November, 2010 on Z-Man Records.

Unprofitable Servant is reminiscent of dropping a coin in an interpretive 60s psych-garage jukebox…. their music comes at you like a king wave of jangled guitars, screams and howls, and a driving rhythmic drum beat. The band features members of The Frowning Clouds, Bleach and Last Gypsys. The Bonniwells is what happens when you combine three rascals muddling about in their garages, coupled with a box of matches and steady diet of The Cramps, The Sonics, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Lips, Daniel Johnson, The Monks, and Thee Oh Sees.

They produce sounds that are guaranteed to crack your finest china with their libidinous howls. Whilst gnawing on the bones of yesterday, and consisting of Marck Dean (vocals/guitar), John Waddell (bass) and Zac Olsen (drums), The Bonniwells manage to somehow produce a fresh take on the past, whilst creating an in-sound of now with their musical collaborations.

Having played consistently around Melbourne recently including residencies at Cherry and The Grace Darling, The Bonniwells will be launching the album late December. More details soon.

Unprofitable Servant will be available from November 20 at all good record shacks (via Z-Man Records/Fuse Distribution) and CD Baby, iTunes etc.


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Composer and guitarist Cam Butler (Silver Ray) teamed up with renowned Australian drummer, Mark Dawson in mid 2007 to work on the recording of Cam’s album Dark Times (Symphony No. 2). A series of jam sessions followed from which was born The Coralinas.

With the addition of Mark’s drumming, The Coralinas are a natural progression of Cam’s solo work for guitar and live looping. Mark has a rich musical pedigree – working with Ed Kuepper through the late 80’s and 90’s, he now plays with The Blackeyed Susans as well as The Coralinas. He is a perfect foil for Cam’s inspirational guitar work, sometimes using mallets, his hands and percussion as support for Cam’s guitar loops and grooves.

Partially composed, partially improvised, dark and mesmeric, spontaneous and exciting, live and hypnotic, a dreamy album of The Coralinas’ music has been recorded. Entitled Free Energy, the album was recorded in full valve and 2 inch tape glory over a number of sessions at Soundpark Studios in Northcote, Melbourne.

The sound of The Coralinas is completely unique and captivating, evoking perhaps wild Australian landscapes, harsh deserts or urban darkness.

Free Energy is available now on CD at your favourite record store…. via Z-Man Records.


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"There is a great sense of unboundless space and quiet optimism. As far as I am concerned The Coralinas are the Great Australian Band."

John Jacobs, ABC Radio National, The Night Air



During a three month sojourn of the United States, the opportunity arose for Melbourne-based Witch Hats to make an off the cuff live to tape recording with Greg Ashley at his infamous ‘Creamery’ warehouse studio in downtown Oakland, California. Over a couple of days in between eating catfish burgers and firing pistols off the studio’s roof, the band set about laying down some songs singer Kris Buscombe had written ‘on the road’ living out his wankish Beat fantasies in a Chelsea Hotel binge.

You’d call the sound of this 6 track EP a departure for the band, making 2006’s Wound of a Little Horse EP + 2008’s debut album ‘Cellulite Soul’ comparatively slick affairs. This is some harsh and shit sounding stuff- Audible splinters and ugly sharp tones flare from the songs, fighting for space amongst melodies. It's the way the band should sound.

‘Check the Center’ is possibly the closest they’ve come thus far to a catchy single and the crackpot repetitions of ‘Sessa (Son Of A Silo Salesman)’ see them dancing further down the donkey trail. Solarium Down The Causeway is Witch Hats' most concise and honest release to date.

Play it loud with the lights down low. Witch Hats’ Solarium Down The Causeway EP & 10” vinyl available at your favourite record shack in August via Z-Man Records.


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Mother & Father sound like a punch to the face and are not adverse to writing a finely structured punk pop song. They will take you on a wild ride through a slippery slope of guitar loopings, driving drum beats and a voice that sounds like it’s gargled concrete for breakfast. They are hell good. They launch their debut album Nothin’ (available now on CD & vinyl via ZMan Records) at The Tote on Friday 28th August.

Three likely lads formerly of Victorian Goldrush town Bendigo, and now living in Melbourne, Mother & Father teamed up two years ago and proved that there really is gold in dem-dar hills. They love creating music together that has leanings towards a certain grunge idol named Kurt. It would be easy to write Mother & Father off as yet another ‘grunge revivalist’ band. But Mother & Father are more than just that. Hell yes. Their ability to take from the old and make it new again is what holds them ahead of the pack.

Mother & Father create songs that will melt ya mothers’ face off with their explosive, crunching, SuperMuffed, menacing chords interwoven with ferocious bursts of popchunks. They cite their influences as The Gun Club, The Stabs, The Pixies, Fang!, Joy Division, The Troggs, The Beatles, David Bowie, Neil Young and justifiably Nirvana. Comprising of Greg Kerslake (guitar/vocals), Andrew Tolley (bass), and Andrew Howard (drums) they are relatively new to the music scene, and have played with the likes of The Stabs, Witch Hats, Talons, Neon, The Twerps, and Circle Pit. Mother & Father have a very bright future ahead of them indeed.

Catch Mother & Father at The Tote on Friday 28th August with support from Space Cactus, Parading and The Twerps. Mother & Father CD & vinyl Nothin’ available at your favourite record shack in August via Z-Man Records.


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BROKEN & FALLEN BIRDS' Special Edition Double CD

Born and raised in New York City, Mark Steiner fled the decaying music scene of Lower Manhattan in the wake of September 2001, and soon found himself in Oslo, Norway, where he began to summon, weave and orchestrate his international confederacy of "lounge-noir" and "swamprock" musicians, from Norway, France, NYC, Germany, Portugal and Australia.

He possesses a deeply rich, sophisticated troubadour voice which conjures images of smoky European bars, combined with dark, lush, swampy songs overflowing with equal parts lust and sadness. Mark Steiner releases his double CD ‘Broken + Fallen Birds Special Edition’, plus the vinyl LP version of ‘Broken’ due to hit the shelves worldwide in October (via ZMan Records) in conjunction with Marks’ second Australian Tour. Mark is a seasoned musical traveller, who collaborates with artists wherever he goes, finding like-minded minstrels to compliment his many talents, and is a true artist in every sense of the word. Melbourne based ZMan Records crossed Mark’s musical path serendipitously in 2008 at a gig in Paris, and vowed to someday release his work. Fast forward to 2009 and that promise has reach fullcircle fruition.

Former Australian musical comrades have included a stellar cast of Cam Butler (Silver Ray & The Coralina’s), Pete Luscombe (SBS TV’s RockWiz Orchestra, Paul Kelly etc), Stevie Hesketh (Jet), Lilith Lane (solo and Black Pony Express), Rosie Westbrook (Mick Harvey’s band and etc). Mark supported Rowland S. Howard last tour, whilst members of The Green Mist, and The Gin Club have supported him.

In Europe and America where he is a regular fixture on venue bills, his backing band The Fallen Birds are an extraordinary collection of like minded-musicians from the US, Norway, France, Germany and Portugal. They collaboratively record in Paris, New York, Oslo, Dortmund and Florida, and in 2008 Mark released his solo debut Fallen Birds CD to rave reviews in Europe and the USA. Mark has supported the likes of Michael Gira (ex-Swans, US), Kid Congo Powers & the Pink Monkey Birds (US), Devendra Banhart (US), Madrugada (N) and many more...

Mark Steiner’s Double CD release of ‘Broken + Fallen Birds Special Edition’ plus ‘Broken’ 12” LP are available at your favourite record shack in October via Z-Man Records.


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Mark Steiner's special brand of 'Lounge-Noir' will have you reaching for the booze and the 'replay' button.
- Swampland Magazine (USA)

Anyone who even has a passing interest in brooding, dark, underground rock… should start paying attention to Mark Steiner. - Rip It Up Magazine (Aust) Euro Lounge in a dark and dank place.
- The I-94 Barman’s Top Ten List of 2008 (Aust)
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